Fair & Fast

  • Enjoy sharing the track and helping each other get quicker.

Clean & Competitive

  • Good driver standards make for closer races.

Quality Racing, no matter what level driver you may be.

  • No matter what level driver you may be. Everyone has a right to race, compete, and have a blast while doing it.

Newbridge Esports by CRN

Newbridge eSports by CRN is a newly formed Esports team and community between CRN (Clean Racing Network) and 2021 British GT, GT4 Pro-Am Champions, Newbridge Motorsports. CRN is a SIM Racing community that has it's humble beginnings hosting single races and series on the PlayStation platform. Our community has grown over time and we have migrated from GT Sport and Project Cars to ACC and PC with integrated IRL drivers. Newbridge Motorsport is an experienced, multiple-championship, race winning team that has many years’ experience in National and International Endurance Motorsport. We are looking at SIMGRID to be our host platform because of their proven stability and reliability that will allow us to do what we do best, focus on our events and participants.




Whether you're a rock band in need of instrument storage, or you're selling your home and need space to show it off, or maybe you require a safe and trusted location for your prized Bentley - we have you covered.

Our storage facility boasts over 1,300 Hard standing outdoor pitches for caravan storage and a collection of new, high-quality self-storage containers for all your business and personal self-storage needs.

Passionate about security, we utilise the most up to date systems to safeguard our customer's assets. Our dual access security system includes ANPR and Security Fobs. We also use cutting-edge CCTV and thermal imaging technology, monitoring your cherished possessions 24/7.

Our commitment to security is paramount. We do not facilitate online bookings and only open during working hours. Our carefully designed systems of due-diligence and care provide zero opportunity for potential criminal activity. With us, your valuables are in the safest of hands. We're in the business of providing total security and peace of mind.


Pitwall.live provide us with live timing for all of our community and professional events on Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Pitwall.live is a freemium platform, which means they have both a free version, available to anyone, and premium versions with additional features for the more demanding users. 

Just go to pitwall.live and you can follow every race of any of the leagues that uplinks their timing data to their platform. You will instantly have a view on:

Like what you see? Just register and you will have access to all additional features in the free dashboard!

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